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The following section contains some frequently asked questions about Susbuddy to help you better understand how to use our services. Have a question that you don't see below? Feel free to contact us about it and we'll add it to the list!

Susbuddy is a search engine integrated application that is focused on grading online retail websites based on a variety of criteria, such as the host company’s commitment to sustaianable practices, cutting carbon footprint, and reducing inequality, for just a few examples. By doing so, Susbuddy is then able to highlight to the user which companies align with their own ideologies via the “SB” icon displayed next to the website on your search results page.

As we are currently in beta, our service is only available via the Google Chrome Web Store, and we have only included five pilot categories of evaluation – these will be expanded upon over time (and yes we are coming to iOS and Android!).

Susbuddy is currently in beta and so is only available as a Google Chrome extension. To download Susbuddy simply head on over to the Susbuddy Chrome Web Store page, and click “Install”. You can get there via the download link on the homepage of this website!

To enable Susbuddy, click on the extensions icon on the top right-hand side of your Google Chrome browser (it looks like a jig-saw piece!). 

This should open up uour extensions menu, where you can find our Susbuddy extension marked by an “SB”. Click the switch icon to enable the extension, and the “pin” icon to pin it to your browser’s interface.

Now the “SB” should appear on the top-right of your browser interface; simply click it and tick what evaluation stats you’re interested in and you’re ready to go!

Susbuddy does not collect your private information. Instead, it learns only from the infromation that you choose to enter into the application. Any information collected from your internet activity is entirely anonymous, and GDPR compliant.

Your information will not be shown or sold to any third parties. Essentially, Susbuddy is a checklist for you to tick off what matters most to you in a retail environment, be it eco-friendliness, cost, or quality. You merely select what is important to you and your Susbuddy application will highlight websites on your browser that we can confidently say adhere to these interests.  


Once you have successfully downloaded Susbuddy from the Chrome Web Store, you should be able to find Susbuddy in the extensions library of your Google Chrome browser. You can access this library by clicking the jig-saw piece shaped icon in the top-right of your browser interface. The Susbuddy extension is represented by the “SB” icon. Simply click the switch next to it to enable it – if it turns blue then it’s enabled, it’s that easy! 

Note: Once you have downloaded & enabled Susbuddy, you still have to input your preferences! To make things as easy as possible, we recommend clicking the “Pin” icon next to the enable switch in your extensions library. This will create a Susbuddy button in the top right-hand corner of your browser interface which, when clicked, will display a checklist of interests. Simply click what matters most to you, and Susbuddy will start showing you which sites align with your interests! 

If Susbuddy has information drawn from the websites you visit, we will check that these websites match or meet your requirements and then promote them to you using the Susbuddy icon.

If we do not have information about a website, you can report this to us using the report an evaluation error button, you can find this function by hovering over the SB icon next to the website title on your browser. By reporting this issue to us, you will help everyone in the Susbuddy community know more about the businesses that they visit and shop with. We will be continuously updating our algorithm in this way to gradually improve our service for everyone.

If you find that your Susbuddy application is displaying incorrect information (e.g. it is saying that a company is committed to reducing carbon footprint when it has not indicated such), users are urged to bring this to our attention by submitting an evaluation error. To do this, hover over the “SB” icon on your browser search page (next to the website link in question) and press “report an evaluation error”. Susbuddy learns and grows from your input, so any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!

Note: When submitting an evaluation error, be sure to menton the site in question, as well as a link. Additionally, please provide information on where you have identified an error, alongside evidence of this error.

Download Susbuddy and begin changing the way you shop online today.

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