Our Board

Our team at Susbuddy is backed by a Board of industry experts that have generously offered their counsel to us on a regular basis. With their support, Susbuddy continues to grow from strength to strength in the early stages of its development, sidestepping many of the pitfalls we might otherwise have happened upon on our journey to deliver the world’s first operational universal shopping cart. 

Members of the Board

Alan Carey : CEO Averian Consulting

Alan Carey advises Susbuddy on matters of business development and scaling on a regular bi-weekly basis. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Alan, CEO of Averian Consulting and Chairman of the Bridgewater Management Consulting Group, helps us to formulate strategies best designed to guarantee success as we grow as a company.

Eoin O'Brien : Co-founder & CTO, Tracworx Ltd.

Eoin O’Brien counsels Susbuddy on architecting and managing our Continuous Integration (CI) deployments on a bi-weekly basis. Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Tracworx Ltd., an immensely successful Limerick-based tech startup, Eoin’s insight and unique familiarity with the Limerick tech eco-system gives Susbuddy an additional edge as we continue the development of our services.

Eoin O'Brien Susbuddy Board Advisor