Currently, we are in the late beta stages of developing our first suite of software that seamlessly augments your online shopping experience. Check it out, it’s free from the Google Chrome Web Store! 

The Internet-Wide Shopping Cart ("IWSC")

The jewel in Susbuddy’s crown, the IWSC, allows our users to shop across-domains, adding items from different websites to one universal cart, checking out for all of them in one go. This streamlines the shopping process immensely, saving you precious time.

Susbuddy IWSC Demo

The IWSC is bolstered by two additional services, SusScore, and our Susbuddy Filtration system. The first of these, SusScore, works by bringing you all the review information you need about a website, right on your search engine results page (SERP). This info includes a universal rating harvested and combined from review sites, brought to you more conveniently than ever.

Susbuddy Filtration

Following the same principle as the SusScore, our filtration systems were the first we designed at Susbuddy. These allow you to enter the causes that concern you into your browser, such as combating climate change, for just one example. Susbuddy will then collect and present you with data regarding which companies align with you, and show you on your SERP.

Why would I download Susbuddy?

Susbuddy is working on innovative new ways to help you make purchases you can stand by online. It’s entirely customizable! You get to use your Susbuddy application however you want, to fight for the causes you care about, and ensure that you make the right purchases first time, every time. 

What's in it for me?